COVID Art Cards, a Creative Exercise in Isolation

Self-Isolation Card Series

When the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world and our lives to a halt, I like many had to grappled with a new reality. To cope the overwhelming things happening, I reverted to the humble practice of card making, something I did often as a child. Spending an obscene amount of time searching for the perfect letter “t” or the exact right shade of blue helped me process my thoughts and emotions with through this meditative process of combining text and imagery. It also served as a medium for me to share and more deeply connect with those I care about across the country coping through this pandemic in our own way.

I created 22 cards in this series between April and June 2020. They represented a spectrum of themes this pandemic brought forth form fear to humor, frustration to sarcasm.


I can’t say
the world
will be ok.

I can’t say
the words
to make this all
go away.

If I could
I would gather
us up
and fly safely
through this
stormy bay.

I can’t today.

The world is hard.
The words untrue.

The storm
too strong
to carry us
far from this place.

I can only say hold on.

Hold on tight
as the winds
blow strong.

There is no escape
so hold on.

Hold on tight
to the ones
you can
send love to
those you can’t
and hold on.

Hold on with
all your might.

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