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I am an artist, freelance writer, and art consultant. My art is primarily mixed media as well as drawing, watercolor, and printmaking. I consult as an art mentor, art exhibitions and curation, and creative projects. My degrees are in fine arts and international studies.  

“I can’t thank Lisa enough for her expertise and keen understanding of exactly what I wanted. It was like she could see inside my brain and make sense of what I was trying to communicate. Hope to work with Lisa for every piece of writing I ever need to do! So thankful I found her. Words can’t say enough.”  

-Amica Whincop, artist

| An Art Wander

I’m interested in expanding the audience of art through writing about art and art experiences in a straightforward way. I strive to expand others definition and experience of art to feel more empowered to engage and appreciate art in one’s daily life and seek it out through travels.

I believe in arts unlimited potential to inspire, empower, and ignite something new in us all.

“There is a creative act involved by the receiver as well as by the sender and that makes for innovation. Both sides are equally important.”
— Kirk Varnedoe, art historian, former MOMA curator


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