5 Ways to Improve Your Next Museum or Gallery Experience

  For some, going to an art museum or gallery is like stepping into a foreign country. You don’t speak the language, dread the hunt for the bathroom, and will inevitably be overwhelmed. Art can seem like a mystery. It doesn't help that one time or another we are left with an art experience feeling … Continue reading 5 Ways to Improve Your Next Museum or Gallery Experience

More Art, Please

Accessible art appreciation resources at your fingertips When it comes to building a greater appreciation of art where do you even start? The ideas and concepts of contemporary and traditional art can at times feel overwhelming and out of reach. One way to expand your understanding and appreciation of art is to increase your exposure … Continue reading More Art, Please

Finding Objectivity

“Your artwork is not precious.”The words of my art professor rang in my ears. My brow furrowed. I looked down at my artwork. Not precious, but it was, wasn’t it? I had expended so much time, thought, and creative energy to certainly validated its worth. My professor went on. “Your work cannot be so dear … Continue reading Finding Objectivity