| About Me

As an artist, my work is primarily project-based and takes on whatever medium best fits and for which I am most inspired. I work in mediums of watercolor, illustration, found object sculpture, painting, and printmaking.

In my writing, I’m most interested in expanding the audience of art through writing about art experiences in a conversational, engaging way. I strive to deepen one’s appreciation for art by opening the door for others to wander through art’s unlimited potential to inspire, empower, and ignite something new in us all.

My truest creative outlet is through collaboration to make inspiring endeavors a reality. I consult on projects relating to the art field in art curation, art experiences, marketing and event planning, and creative project management. I bring my past professional experiences as an art center director, gallery consultant, and artist and arts writer/critic to serve your project needs.

I can’t thank Lisa enough for her expertise and keen understanding of exactly what I wanted. It was like she could see inside my brain and make sense of what I was trying to communicate. Hope to work with Lisa for every piece of writing I ever need to do! So thankful I found her. Words can’t say enough.

– Amica Whincop, artist

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